Hepatitis Awareness Month

Hepatitis Awareness Month

The Viral Hepatitis division of the CDC has launched an initiative they’re calling Know More Hepatitis. Their goal is to educate the public about viral hepatitis to curb an epidemic and encourage chronic hepatitis sufferers to get tested.

What Is Hepatitis?

Hepatitis is a contagious disease of the liver which causes inflammation within the liver tissue. There are three types of hepatitis known individually as:

  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C

Hepatitis A is contracted from ingesting fecal matter, even microscopic doses, from an infected person. Hepatitis B is spread through cross-contamination of bodily fluids including blood and semen, most commonly through sexual contact, but it can be passed from mother to son in childbirth. Hepatitis C is transmitted through blood to blood contact.

What Are The Risks Of Hepatitis?

Each year nearly 15,000 Americans die from chronic liver disease or liver cancer associated with hepatitis. Hepatitis is also linked to liver cancer, fibrosis, cirrhosis, and many other life-threatening complications.

Who Is At Risk?

Groups at highest risk for hepatitis include Asian-Americans, Pacific Islanders, followed by African-Americans, baby boomers, and men in general.

What You Can Do

Screenings are important. Persons infected with hepatitis need to be made aware of their infection so that they can take proper precautions to prevent the spread of the disease. Vaccination is also a key step to preventing the spread of hepatitis. You can also take the CDC’s Hepatitis Risk Assessment to find out if you should be tested. If you do need to be tested, https://www.primecarefamilypractice.com/contact/contact your Prime Care provider and make an appointment as soon as possible.

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