May is Arthritis Awareness Month

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May is Arthritis Awareness Month

46 million adults are affected by Arthritis. While many with the condition are thought to be genetically predisposed to it, there are other factors that contribute to the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis.

According to Arthritis Today, obesity is now considered a risk factor for developing RA. Until recently, smoking has been considered the only modifiable risk factor that increases a person’s chances of developing the autoimmune disease.

Some tips to prevent Arthritis Symptoms

  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Exercise to build bone and muscle density and keep your joints flexible
  • Don’t stress your joints by sitting too long with bad posture
  • Drink water, it makes up 70% of the cartilage tissue
  • Talk with your doctor about ways to get the best dietary nutrients that fight symptoms of arthritis

As with many medical conditions, healthy eating and lifestyle go a long way towards prevention. Medical advancements to treat Arthritis have made great strides, but we still recommend prevention to stay healthy and active for as long as possible. Talk with your Prime Care doctor is you have questions.